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Select either Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home.

Pre-installation notes

You can compare each version of Windows 10 here. Click Next after choosing the desired version. Step 9: On the Applicable notices and license terms screen, check the I accept the license terms box in the bottom left-hand corner, and click Next.

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  • Install 64-bit Windows on your macOS computer using Boot Camp Assistant.
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Step The installation process will now commence. Windows Setup will copy needed files, and install features and updates. The installation process should only take a few minutes. Upon rebooting, the Windows logo will appear again, and the setup process will continue and reboot again. You can opt to use express settings, but I recommend clicking the Customize button and disabling most, if not all of the switches. Click Next to proceed to the next pages and repeat the process.

Browse Downloads by Product

An account name is required, but a password is not. Click Next once you select the desired user name and password combination. On the Meet Cortana screen, you can choose to enable the Cortana personal assistant. I recommend keeping it disabled by clicking the Not now button. On the Welcome to Boot Camp installer box, click Next and accept the terms of the license agreement. Click Install to proceed with the installation. If any additional driver installation boxes appear, be sure to Install those as well.

Once the installer completes, make sure the Restart System box is checked, and click Finish to reboot your machine. Upon rebooting, click the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray and connect to your local Wi-Fi network. This next step is very important, because it updates to the latest sound driver. Select any of the updates that appear, and click the Install items button in the bottom right-hand corner. Click Yes on the User Account Control pop up windows that appears, and click I nstall on any additional related software installations.

Ensure that any in-progress installations complete, and then click Yes on the Apple Software Update Restart pop up window that appears. Your Mac will reboot back into Windows Windows will download any needed updates, and prompt you to restart after doing so. You have two actually three choices from here. The upside of the Windows Insider Program is that it provides you with a genuine activation without having to pay out of pocket.

So the moral to the story is this: Activate it, by paying or joining Windows Insider Program, if you use it. Click the Get started button to begin. You can easily switch between macOS or Windows by holding the Option key on your keyboard while rebooting.

Download Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5769

Select the Apple icon at the top left of your screen and click "Software Update Install any available updates. In the table, find the model and production date of your mac and then select the number that corresponds with the Windows 7 column.

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An example image of the MacBook table is shown below. Once you have selected the number like the one shown in the image above , download the Windows support software and follow the instructions to copy the.

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Once you have done this, your USB thumb or external drive can be set aside as it will not be needed until later. Open Boot Camp Assistant. Select the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen and search for "Boot Camp Assistant". Select the program to open it. Click Continue at the bottom right corner of the window. Insert your Windows 7 installation disc. Uncheck the box that says " Download the latest Windows support software from Apple " Click Continue. Click Install.

Boot Camp will create the Windows partition. Restart your Mac.

Open the Windows installer. Select C ustom Installation. When asked Where do you want to install Windows: Use the Windows setup screens to complete any final configurations-- you will eventually come to a screen prompting you to enter your activation license The one given to you from OnTheHub.

Apple - Support - Downloads

Alternatively, you can skip this step, however you will eventually need to enter the activation license code later. An installer may start automatically. When it has finished, your computer will restart and boot into Windows 7. Additional Information You may notice that when you power on your Mac after a restart or shutdown that it automatically boots into Windows 7. If you wish to boot into OS X instead, hold down the Option key when you see the grey screen appear at start-up and then select " Macintosh HD ". Article ID: Need more help? Open a Help Desk Ticket! We love feedback! Please Help us improve this article.